About us

Associates for International Development Ltd (AID) was established in 2007 and incorporated in 2009 under the Registration of the Joint Stock Companies, Bangladesh, as a private limited company. Today, with more than five years of experience and staff force of about 25 personnel, AID is continuously striving to improve the technical capabilities of its people and upgrading its systems and procedures to provide better service to its clients through the acquisitions of productivity tools and the fostering of a corporate culture based on excellence. Over the years AID has been entrusted with helping the growth of the nation through diverse services, in a wide spectrum of social and engineering fields such as agriculture, education, rural development, finance, transportation, roads and highways, water resources and water supply, and gas & energy sector etc.

To provide the best services in a wide range of disciplines, AID has long established technical affiliations with other national and international social and engineering sector companies and universities, institutes and experts, to provide specialized technical expertise. This means that clients can be assured of the best services from a company with strong commitment to quality and reliability

The key management personnel of the company has gained exposures and experiences over 20-25 years in various and diversified fields includes education, forestry, fisheries and livestock, agriculture, environment, health and family welfare and social protection, transportation, roads and highways, water resources and water supply, gas, energy and power, finance, trade and commerce and other rural development fields in national and international level. The key management staff overseas experience include India, Nepal, Bhutan, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Philippines, Indonesia, Vietnam, Uzbekistan, Cambodia, Mongolia, East Timor, Afghanistan, and Lao, PDR etc.

Recent Projects

GOB-IMED: In-depth Monitoring of the Project "Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services (IDEA) Project (3rd Revised)".

GOB-IMED: Conduct In-depth Monitoring on the project "Artificial Insemination (AI) Activities Extension and Embryo Transfer Technology Implementation Project (3rd Phase)" Project.

GOB-ADB: Administration of National Student Assessment (NSA) 2015, (PS 510), November 2015 to January 2016: The major objectives of the national student assessment are to measure the learning outcomes of the pupils of grades 3 and 5 Bangla language and Mathematics.

IFC: Suitable Weather-Index Insurance Products will be Developed for the Target Locations, Impact Evaluation of the "Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security" Project, July 2015 to August 2015: This task will be done in collaboration between the IFC and Green Delta.

IFC: Impact Evaluation of the "Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security" Project, March 2015 to July 2019 (ongoing): The Project is divided into two phases, a Pilot Phase from February 2015 to August 2016 and a Scaleā€up Phase from September 2016 to December 2018.



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