Ongoing Projects

GOB-IMED: In-depth Monitoring of the Project "Identification System for Enhancing Access to Services (IDEA) Project (3rd Revised)" January 2020 to ongoing :The main objective of the project is to initiate secure, accurate and reliable National Identity Card (NID) for all citizens of Bangladesh which will serve as the basis for more efficient and transparent services

Main components of the project

  • Preparation and Distribution of Smart National Identity Card (NID);
  • Supply installation and maintenance of decentralized technology infrastructure;
  • Communication Services campaign of Smart ID Card;
  • Supply installation and maintenance of DC and DRS (server, hardware and related equipments);
  • Data center and Oracle for DRS, affix, procurement of BVRS Software and support services;
  • Supply installation and maintenance of Virtual private Network (Data Connectivity) and
  • Distribution of NID to the citizens.

IMED: In-depth Monitoring of the Project "Artificial Insemination (AI) Activities Extension and Embryo Transfer Technology Implementation Project” (3rd Phase), December 2018 to April 2019:

Objective of the assignments

  • To extend modern AI activities up to the farmers' doorstep by establishing union AI points;
  • To increase semen production in order to cope up with increased demand;
  • To improve genetic merits of the non-descriptive native cattle in Bangladesh;
  • To ensure people's nutrition security by increasing milk and meat production;
  • To demonstrate total mixed ration (TMR) to farmers for achievement of maximum performance of cattle in Bangladesh;
  • To take part in poverty reduction through manpower development and creating self-employment opportunity and
  • To adapt bovine multiple ovulation & embryo transfer (MOET) in Laboratory at CCBDF

IFC: Impact Evaluation of the "Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security" Project, March 2015 to July 2019 (ongoing): The Project is divided into two phases, a Pilot Phase from February 2015 to August 2016 and a Scale-up Phase from September 2016 to December 2018. As the Scale-up Phase is dependent on the outcomes of the Pilot phase, a contract will be offered to the winning firm from February 2015 to December 2016 to conduct baseline assessments and a rapid midline assessment at the end of Phase 1 of the project.

Key Stakeholders

IFC's Climate Resilient Agriculture and Food Security project is expected to address the issues highlighted above through effectively delivering CSA interventions. IFC will implement the project in collaboration with a number of stakeholders, namely:

  • Ministry of Environment and Forests-PPCR Focal Ministry;
  • IFC Project design, management, quality control, resource mobilization;
  • Lead Firms-Agribusiness clients that will lead implementation of activities under cooperation agreement with the IFC;
  • Technical Service Provider-Provide technical guidance, inform decisions, execute project activities, report on accomplishments, and administer project funds related to specific project activities; and
  • Evaluation Agency-Conduct baseline, mid line and end line assessments.

Brief Project Description

The overall goal of the project is to increase farmer and agribusiness firm revenues through the adoption of climate smart agribusiness technologies and practices.

Key Results of the Project

The project is expected to reach 75,000 farmers (7,500 in Pilot Phase and 67,500 in Scale-Up Phase), of which:

7,500 are women farmers
45,000 farmers will have adopted CS Agri practices (4,500 are women)
30,000 farmers (men and women) will be exposed to an ICT-based early warning system.

The overall project impact targets are to increase cropping intensity by 150%; increase lead firm revenue by 13%; increase farmers crop yield by 20%; translating to farmer revenue increase by 15%.

Key Components of the Project

Component-1: Capacity building of LFs to better cope with climate change risks in the supply chain.
Component-2: Capacity building of farmers to better cope with climate change induced production risks.
Component-3: Financial Instruments for Climate Risk Management



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